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Success for Natural Healing Clients

Success for Natural Healing Clients

Welcome to the centuries old tradition of success in a partnership with your natural healing practitioner. You have the unique opportunity to participate in your own health care plan. Natural healing focuses on your health problems, assisting you in feeling happier and healthier rapidly, and then moving on to permanent correction.

Because of the deep, long lasting effects of natural healing, therapy takes longer than drug based treatment. We need to be patient and allow the body to restore its natural balance. Keep up with a positive and patient attitude. There is a wealth of possibilities with which you can feel better. Therefore, the process you go through may be longer, and the results are worth it. The role of a practitioner is to assist you with experienced guidance for each step along the way.

Succeeding with Nutritional Supplements
If you are taking supplements (vitamins, herbs), please remember that most people feel best when they take vitamins with a normal meal. A small meal, particularly breakfast, is often not enough food with which to take natural remedies in comfort. Split up your total daily dose throughout the day, as is convenient.

Your herbs are food—building blocks for your body’s cells. Some suggestions for using tablets or capsules include:

  • Take more than one per swallow. Increase gradually as comfort develops. Less filling and less liquid for swallowing.
  • Take immediately with meal. Before first bite, between bites during eating, or immediately after last bite. Experiment as comfortable.
  • If burping or aftertaste occurs, take supplements earlier in meal, allowing food to be on top of supplements in stomach.
  • You may take one or two capsules with each chewed bite of food (pop in right before swallowing).
  • Divide throughout day as comfortable.
  • You may take one or two capsules with a large beverage every hour. Usually comfortable, depending on particular supplement. Inquire about this, and experiment.
  • Put capsules in mouth first, then water. Wait a few seconds, slosh around in mouth to moisten before swallowing.
  • Tablets sink. Tip head back and swallow.
  • Capsules float. Tip head forward and swallow.
  • Warm beverage is often better than cold.
  • Thicker beverage (such as milk) often better.

Generally it is best to gradually increase to the full suggested dose of any new items over a few days, rather than starting right out at the full dose on the first day. This is to allow your body time to adjust comfortably to the new supplement. If you have any questions about this, definitely ask your practitioner.

It is good to tailor your personal health program to your own needs so that you can have consistent success.

Keep motivated to allow your program to work for you. Herbs heal, and when used consistently with experienced guidance, they provide results. Keep up and ask for help whenever you have any questions or concerns. Natural healing is a preventive, rebuilding process that works. Your patience will reward you with satisfying results.

Proper Timing in Therapy
The supplements that may be suggested for you come in various quantities. You will typically be provided the approximate amount you will need until your next evaluation. If your supplements are sent to your location, there will always be a gap of time between your evaluation and when you will receive your next supply of supplements. Ideally this gap will be as short as possible, but your progress will be improved while you continue your previous program as well as you can until you receive your new supply.

If you have received a portion of your supplements, it is best to begin with those you already have immediately and add the remainder when you receive them. If you miss a scheduled evaluation and cannot have another soon thereafter, you can ask us for a further supply of your current supplements to keep you on a continuing program until you can come in for an evaluation session.

Succeeding with Attitude and Communication
Communication is very important in this healing process. Please increase your success by expressing your feelings about how your program is working. It is very important to your success that all the elements of your personal health routine work together in your life. Mention your experience of the necessary finances, time, effort, and results.

There are many alternatives for your needs, and you are the one in control of your health and life. There is always a way to put together a program that you can accomplish comfortably, and which can lead you on your way to health—one that will be compatible with your time, skills, and interests.

Succeeding in the Long Term
Once you are feeling better, work with your practitioner to create a personalized program to sustain the gains you have accomplished (including, for example, multiple vitamins, proper diet, and exercise). Most clients find an update every six months or so to be beneficial. Of course, during this time, should any symptoms arise, please check in. Together you can check things out and adjust your personal program to meet your needs. Usually the maintenance phase is less intense and therefore less costly than the therapeutic phase.

It is always best to give notice in advance if you will be late or unable to attend your session and, as always, give a call right away if you have any questions.

You may need help to stay motivated. The results are worth it. Deeply understand that you are doing a good thing for yourself. It is a basic part of healthy living to give ourselves good nutrition, exercise, and stress management. In our modern, stressful world, that extra effort can pay off tremendously, and we really can feel better and younger each day.

Health Suggestions
It is important to follow instructions carefully. Please take extra time at home to review your suggested combination of therapies. If you have any questions at all, please call right away for clarification. It is important to your success to use exactly the specific type of suggested remedy. Substitutions usually will be much less effective. Please seek help in locating remedies you may need. It is usually helpful to review your suggestions from time to time, to be sure all therapies are being included in your daily routine. Nutritional Supplements
Please ask questions to clarify any points whatsoever. Points to remember:
  • Split your daily dose between two or more meals.
  • Best with food, as necessary for comfort.
  • Usually best in middle of meal, as necessary for comfort.
  • Any new supplements may best be introduced gradually over a few days.
  • Any discomfort or unusual sensation is a reason to call for advice.
Timing and Communication
Any change in your condition is a good reason to check in. If you develop a new problem (cold, flu, sinus, diarrhea, etc.) or have new information about your health, you should contact us. Often adjustments can be made by phone. It is very appropriate to address new circumstances when they arise.

If your therapy program becomes no longer appropriate for you, due to changes in your life (time schedule, finances, motivation, etc.), again please call and discuss the issue. There are many ways to progress in health care. Your program can be adjusted to meet your lifestyle needs.

Staying Motivated
If circumstances change, you can adjust the timing of updates to a less intensive schedule. If you are unable to attend a scheduled session, please discuss options for continuing therapy in an effective way. If finances are a problem, let us know. Many options are available.

You may need help to stay motivated. The results are worth it. You are doing a good thing for yourself. We all need good nutrition, exercise, and stress management. We need to repair damage from the past, when we may have made different choices. That extra effort can pay off tremendously, and we really can feel better and younger each day.

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