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Michael Gill

About Michael Gill

Michael Gill is a practicing holistic nutritionist and health coach with almost 20 years of experience in the field.  He is also a certified meditation coach and licensed massage therapist.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Portland State and will begin work on a master’s degree in public health policy in 2020.  Michael uses the wide range of tools he’s developed to help people lead healthy lives using food, herbs, and stress management.

Michael is passionate about lifestyle-based preventative medicine and has been since he began college in the early 90s as a psychology major.  “I found it fascinating that we have all this data clearly showing how a person’s belief affects their health.  This is so well-known that it’s a defining principle of almost every study: the placebo effect.  I was frustrated and bewildered that instead of studying this, and using it to help people improve, scientist’s goal is to root it out of their experiments and ignore it’s possibilities.  As I’ve moved forward in my studies over the years, I’ve always kept this principle in mind; people can improve from almost any malady, provided that their body, mind and soul are working together.”

Michael has had the good fortune of studying with amazing teachers.  He completed his training in holistic nutrition through PCC CLIMB, studying under KP Khalsa.  He also travelled to Thailand on multiple occasions for a one-on-one apprenticeship with energetic healer Choon Chuye Victor Lim, a program that included two hours of daily meditation and running 5-10 miles.

Michael is the father of two young boys and has a special interest in working with kids and families.  Fatherhood made it clear to him the difficulties in raising healthy kids in a society that seems built to do the opposite, which has led him into the field of public policy.   To that end, he is on the legislative board for Health Care For All Oregon, a volunteer organization moving Oregon toward a single-payer health system.

Michael Gill

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