Vegetarian and Vegan Diets



The diet doctors are battling! Paleo! No, vegetarian! Organic! Clean! Vegan! Ultra-vegan! Enough to make your head spin.

Who has the corner on the truth? Which is right for you? How can they all be right?

Maybe we can answer these pithy questions in one class, and maybe we can’t, but we’ll sure give it a go. Join us for this class and put your questions out there. We’ll dive into the details of vegetarian and vegan nutrition, from a neutral perspective, and also look at the pro-vegan view. (Don’t worry, Paleo people, your time is coming…) We will study the pros and cons so you can make up your own mind.

No shouting. We’ll learn about:

  • Can humans prosper as vegans?
  • Can humans prosper as vegetarians?
  • Are humans designed to eat vegetables or animals? Some of both?
  • Protein concerns
  • Eggs—good, bad and ugly
  • Vitamin B12 issues
  • Animal welfare
  • Ecology of diet and nutrition
  • Ethics
  • Nutrients—abundant and scarce in the vegan diet

Please bring your insights, experience, ethics, politics and prejudices. We’ll dig deep into as much truth as we can mine in the diet controversy. If you are a diehard skeptic, eco-vegan or just thinking about a diet change, you’re invited to join us.


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