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Resolving Ear Infections in Children



Childhood earache is increasing in epidemic proportions. The number of physician office visits for acute earache (otitis media, OM) increased more than two-fold over 15 years!

Ear infections in children is, after well baby care, the number one reason for childhood visits to the doctor, accounting for over one third of pediatric visits. Dr. Andrew Weil calls ear infections “the bread and butter of pediatricians.” By their first birthday, two out of three children will have suffered an ear infection, rising to eight out of 10 by the age of three.

In this practical webinar, we will dig into the cause, details and treatment of OM. We will go over a practical toolkit of natural remedies that parents everywhere can use to avoid earaches and rapidly and successfully squelch them in the case they do arise. Don’t let your little ones suffer this needless misery.