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Nutrition Myths and Controversies



The world of nutrition is perfectly poised for myths and controversies surrounding what is viable information and what is not—the most common ailment in today’s technological world seems to be google-itis. So how do we discern sugar from sand, picking out the granules of truth amidst myriad myths and controversies alive and well in life and on the internet?

After 50 years of being a researcher, educator and natural health specialist, K.P. Khalsa has seen a wide variety of ailments and helped people manage symptoms through proper nutrition and supplementation. This webinar will be an honest look at myths and controversies surrounding common ailments and nutritional theories fact-checked by tangible results gained through research, experience and real case studies.

Take this unique opportunity to peer into K.P.’s notebook and dispense with conjecture. Whether you are a practicing health professional or natural health enthusiast, you will want to add this knowledge to your skillset.