Lyme Disease: Prevention and Recovery 2-Part Series 


Oct. 31 & Nov. 7th, 2022, 5 to 6:30 PM Pacific / 8 to 9:30 PM Eastern


Lyme Disease: Prevention and Recovery 2-Part Series

Lyme disease is no joke. It is painful and can be debilitating for those experiencing it. In the U.S., it is caused by the bacteria strains Borrelia: mavonii and burgdorferi via parasitic deer tick. Following gestation, the most common symptom is Erythema migrans, or bullseye rash, which can start at the site of infection and later present on other areas of the skin. Chills, fever, swollen lymph nodes and headache may follow. Furthermore, weeks, months and even years after initial infection, people have experienced brain swelling, facial paralysis and impaired muscle movement.

So, what do we do about the potential short-term and long-term harm caused by Lyme disease, and how do we prevent it? There’s good news for those who wish to avoid a heavy schedule of prescribed antibiotics to handle Lyme disease—herbal remedies to the rescue!

Part 1: will focus on Lyme disease prevention. Learn what herbs and supplements can help your boost your body’s immunity.

Part 2: offers ‘sage’ advice, for those dealing with newer and prolonged cases of Lyme disease, on how to alleviate the symptoms with practical, natural herbal remedies.

Begins Oct 31st, 2022, 5 to 6:30 PM, Pacific, 8 to 9:30 PM, Eastern

Oct 31 and Nov 7, 2022

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