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Ayurveda Pathology Program – Summer Term 2022



Ayurvedic Pathology Program 3 terms

Classes are not sequential, they are modular and you may enroll any term.

Lead instructor and class developer K.P. Khalsa, Yogaraj (Ayurveda), A.D., D.N.-C, R.H. has over 50 years of experience training Ayurveda practitioners and is one of the most well-regarded natural healing and wellness teachers in North America. Course material is taught by K.P. Khalsa and I.I.E.I. faculty of trained professionals.

Ayurvedic systemic pathology is the study of how Ayurveda understands and treats disease. During three modular terms, the Ayurvedic Pathology Program (A.P.P.) provides essential knowledge of Ayurvedic wisdom and the structure of disease. You will learn how to analyze the extent of pathogenesis and the causative factors of disease and gain the ability to develop appropriate solutions that provide a pathway to maintain and regain health and rejuvenation. We will discuss herbs and other Ayurvedic remedies, used for treating specific diseases affecting any dhātu (tissues), upadhātu (sub-tissues), mala (waste) or srotas (channels) in any stage of the disease pathology, including disease pathologies in prenatal or postnatal women.

Summer: General Structure of Disease

Provides in-depth coverage of nidana (cause of disease) and samprapti (pathogenesis). Learn how to use the Ayurvedic pathogenesis model for analysis and treatment protocols and a deeper understanding of the causative factors in disease. Gain insight regarding qualities of the different stages of samprapti and their vectors in the different stages of life and how this understanding is used to develop effective treatment plans. Topics included: digestive tract, lung, cardiovascular.

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All Classes are live and recorded.  You will receive the recording in your account within 24 hours of live class.