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Anti-Inflammatory Life Part 2



We now know that chronic inflammation is the root cause of almost every prolonged disease. Inflammation is your body’s natural short-term response to infection or tissue damage. In the short run, it’s a good thing. Long-term inflammation, however, can be destructive and cause a host of problems, including circulation issues, digestive problems, allergies, brain fog, joint pain and food sensitivities.  Further, these problems can be exacerbated by fatigue, stress, and improper diet and nutrition.

In this informative webinar with all new material, expert natural healer, herbalist, and teacher K.P. Khalsa will discuss living an anti-inflammatory life, going in-depth for the best foods, herbs and activities that will keep you healthy and happy.

You will learn about great anti-inflammatory supplements, herbs, foods and therapies for

  • Optimal Digestion
  • Joint Health
  • Mind, Memory, and Long-term Mental Health

K.P. will also give you valuable information on:

  • Inflammation Busters for Resilience & Daily Energy
  • Avoiding the Causes of Inflammation
  • Inflammation and the Skin

Join us and discover how to live an anti-inflammatory life.