Traditional Ayurvedic Formulas: The Heart of Ayurveda in Practice

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Ayurveda has an ancient and very rich tradition of sophisticated herbalism. Over the centuries, Ayurvedic experts developed effective herbal combinations that worked great. They then relied on these ancient, traditional formulas to treat a wide range of conditions in a balanced, consistent way.

These traditional formulas form the core of Ayurvedic herbalism down the generations, and are the basis of a broad Ayurvedic pharmacopeia. In this practical webinar, we will discuss the ins-andouts of more than seven formulas. You will use this information in your practice the very next day.

If you are less familiar with these traditional churnas, make them part of your Ayurveda repertoire today. If they are already pillars of your successful practice, take your knowledge deeper and plumb the depths of the range of these ancient medicines.

Take a deep dive with K.P. Khalsa into the hidden secrets of traditional Ayurveda and cutting edge herbalism!