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The Path of Ayurvedic Herbalism

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Elevate your spiritual transformation as you delve into Ayurvedic herbs’ physical, mental & spiritual properties — using herbs to cleanse your body, defend against dis-ease, balance your being at every level & connect more deeply with your own spirit.

If you’re like many of us, when you’re not feeling well, you jump headfirst into healing the symptoms — instead of pulling back, to work at the source point of your dis-ease.

Yet, to achieve radiant health that lasts, you must meet your individual needs as a complex, multi-layered person whose mental, emotional, and spiritual states all contribute to what’s happening inside you.

Western medicine often forgets that you’re a whole being and focuses on the elimination of separate symptoms, instead of uncovering their root.

Ayurvedic wisdom honors the profound connections between your mind, body, and spirit, combining physical, psychological, and spiritual health. Ayurveda, the ancient sister science of yoga, is a whole-body system for living that addresses imbalances before health challenges set in.

Ayurveda provides insights into your core energetics and metabolic patterns — known as doshas — and it includes a sophisticated system of herbal medicine specific to your makeup.

Your doshas determine which herbs will more effectively get to the root of what ails you or holds you back, so you can improve your health and wellbeing while you evolve spiritually…

Join us for a new 7-week course with world-renowned herbalist and teacher K.P. Khalsa and learn to use Ayurvedic herbs to heal from dis-ease, expand your mind, and propel your spiritual journey.

K.P. will share deep insights into your metabolic energy type — whether you identify most with Vata (cold and dry), Pitta (hot and wet), or Kapha (cold, heavy, and wet) — so you can heal yourself and balance your physical, mental, and spiritual systems.

When these energies are out of balance, they can cause seemingly unrelated disruptions in other aspects of your life.

K.P. will guide you to choose herbs that hold opposite energies from your own to adjust your imbalances so you can confidently begin your journey on the path to improving your digestion and sleep, reducing joint and muscle pain, regulating your blood pressure and cholesterol, and much more.

(Please note that while it’s certainly enlightening to have the herbs K.P. will feature each week, you’re not required to purchase herbs for this course.)

Join K.P. and learn to use herbs to sharpen and expand your mind, reduce mind chatter, and improve memory. You’ll also unlock ways to enable communication with your soul, forge a better connection with your spirit, and heighten your capacity to experience bliss.

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