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Summer Health, Part 1 and Part 2 – Foods, Juicing and Smoothies and Herbs & Supplements


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This 2-part series will explore herbs and supplements best suited for Summer
and offer some flavorful new recipes that will taste good and keep you
feeling great throughout the season.

Summer Health Part 1: Foods, Juices, and Smoothies

In part 1, you’ll discover new ingredients to add to your foods, juices, and
smoothies to give you an edge on surviving the year’s warmest weather. This
class will draw from Eastern and Western traditions to create an ultimate
diet guide for healing and enjoyment.

Optimizing your diet for climate/season helps your body regulate metabolism,
stay energized, and properly detoxify. Much like adjusting your wardrobe,
seasonal eating allows your body to adapt to your environment. We will take
a whole-food-based approach to Summer eating and discuss some critical foods
for cooling, digestion, stamina, and more.

Summer Health Part 2: Herbs and Supplements

Part 2 is all about herbs and supplements to complement your diet and keep
you tip-top throughout Summer. You’ll get the best recommendations from both
Eastern and Western traditions regarding herbal remedies and natural
supplements. We will also discuss proper preparation and correct dosage.

Learn herbs that help you regulate body temperature, stay hydrated, keep you
energized, and more. We’ll also delve into some delicious herbal iced tea
blends to help you beat the heat.

When used correctly, herbs and supplements can make a world of difference.
This webinar will give you an advantage towards making this your best Summer
to date.

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