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Ayurveda Health Counselor Program: Term 2
Diet and Nutrition Ayurvedic nutrition includes eating habits, the energetics of food, proper food combining, and the Ayurvedic view of nutritional components. Study the use of foods for health, diets for doshas, and individual approaches to healing diets. Life Practices and Regimes This course explores lifestyle practices, sleep, stress management, personal habits, behaviors, exercise, daily and seasonal routines, relaxation, meditation, relationships and goals for a healthy life. In addition, students will discover counseling techniques to help clients maintain a balance of mind, body and awareness through proper lifestyle choices. Ayurveda Herbal Therapy Ayurvedic herbalism will focus on the exceptional principles of Ayurvedic therapeutics. Students will study the qualities, actions and therapeutic characteristics of herbs, foods and other natural therapeutic substances. This course looks at herbal qualities, Ayurvedic preparations, energetics, plant chemistry and clinical indications for herbs in supporting healthy body functions.
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