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Recommended Herbs & Supplements

Recommended Herbs & Supplements

It is important to remember that not all herbs and supplements are equal – quality and reliabilty can vary greatly, so where you buy your herbs definitely matters.

With that being said, below is an alphabetical list of KP’s preferred product source for that particular herb or supplement. Each link will take you to the suppliers website, where you can purchase the herb or supplement.

Click on the below links to take you directly to the listed product.

Aloe Vera – gel, liquid
Aloe Vera – capsules
Andrographis (Kalmegh) – powder
Angelica root – powder
Arjuna – powder
Arnica tincture
Ashoka – powder
Ashwaganda – capsules
Ashwaganda – powder
Avipattikar – powder B
Bala – powder
Bhringaraj – powder
Bhumyamalaki – powder
Black Cohosh root – powder
Black Cohosh root – capsules
Boron – capsules
Brahmi Oil
Bupleurum – powder C
Calamus – powder
Calcium Citrate & Malate without Copper
Castor Oil
Chitrak – powder
Cinnamon – capsules
Citric acid
Codonopsis – bulk root
Coriander – bulk herb
Cumin – bulk herb
Curcumin D
D-Limonene – softgels
D-Ribose – powder

Dandelion root – powder
Dashamula – powder
Deep Sleep by Herbs Etc.
Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice
Diosmin Complex
Diosmin E
Eleuthero root – powder
Eleuthero root – capsules
Evening Primrose Oil – capsules
Evening Primrose Oil
Fennel seeds
Feverfew – bulk herb

Fish Oil – capsules
Fish Oil – liquid
Flax Oil – liquid G
GABA – powder
Ginger Essential Oil
Ginseng root – powder
Ginseng root – capsules
Glutathione – powder
Gokshura – powder
Gokshuradi Guggul – capsules
Goldenseal root – capsules
Gotu Kola – powder
Gotu Kola – bulk herb or bulk herb from here
Guduchi – powder
Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan H
Hawthorn  berries – bulk herb
Hawthorn  berries – capsules
Hawthorn berries – powder
He Shou Wu – bulk herb
Healthy Skin – tablets
Hingvastak – powder
Huperzine A I
Iron Chelated as Albion Ferrous Bisglycinate
Iron Chelated as Glycinate Chelate K
Kapikacchu – powder L
L-Glutamine – powder
L-Lysine – powder
L-Tryptophan – powder
L-Tryptophan – capsules
L-Tyrosine – powder
Lavender essential oil
Licorice root – capsules
Licorice root – powder M
Maca – powder
Magnesium Glycinate – tablets
Magnesium Glycinate – powder
Magnesium – Albion Chelated Time Release
Mahanarayan Oil
Methyl Folate – 400 mcg; or 1000 mcg
Mega Multi Mineral – Iron Free
Mega Multi Mineral – With Iron
Mulberry leaf – bulk herb N
Nattokinase – 2000 FU (100 mg)
Nasya Oil
Neem Oil
Nettle root – bulk herb
Nettle root – freeze dried capsules
Niacin: No-Flush – 500 mg
Nutmeg – whole nut O
Oregon Grape root – powder
Ox Bile P
Peppermint essential oil
Plantain leaf – bulk herb
Poppy seed – whole herb
Poke root oil
Potassium chloride
Potassium citrate – 99 mg
Probiotic – Bio K Plus Dairy Free
Probiotic – Perfect Biotics
Probiotic – Perfect Digest
Punarnava – powder Q
Quercetin – 500 mg S
Salmon oil
Saw Palmetto – powder
Saw Palmetto – capsules
Schisandra berry – powder
Schisandra berry – capsules
Shankhapushpi – powder
Shepherd’s Purse – bulk herb
Shatavari – powder
Skullcap – bulk herb
Solomon’s Seal root – bulk herb
Strontium – capsules T
Three Edge root (San Leng) – powder
Tienchi – capsules
Tribulus Terrestris – powder
Trikatu – capsules
Trikatu – powder
Triphala – powder
Triphala – capsules
Turmeric – powder V
Vidanga – powder
Vitamin A – 25000 IU
Vitamin B-2 Riboflavin
Vitamin B Complex – capsules
Vitamin C – crystalized powder
Vitamin D3: 10,000 IU – capsules
Vitamin D3: 1,000 IU – capsules
Vitamin D3 – liquid
Vitamin D3 Vegan – capules
Vitamin D3 Vegan – liquid
Vitamin E: Complete – capsules
Vitamin K – capules W
Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera X
Xiao Feng Wan Y
Yellow Dock root – powder
Yogaraj Guggulu – capsules 5
5-HTP – powder
5-MTHF – capsules Capsule Machine
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