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Living the Anti-Inflammatory Life

Inflammation is a hot topic these days. It’s a natural process, but it remains mysterious.
This process, which is initially healing, when allowed to go on too long then generates large quantities of free radicals which contribute to tissue damage. Inflamed tissue gets swollen, circulation gets compromised, and fresh fluids are prevented from replacing toxic ones, which begets more inflammation and the cycle continues. This series is all about handling excessive bodily inflammation naturally.

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Living the Anti-Inflammatory Life - Two Part Series
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  • About Your Instructor

    Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa, Yogaraj (Ayurveda), A.D., D.N.-C, R.H., has over 45 years of experience in holistic medicine, and is one of the foremost natural healing experts in North America.

  • Nationally Recognized

    President Emeritus of the American Herbalists Guild ◦ Director Emeritus of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association ◦ Professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy ◦ Founding faculty member in Ayurvedic Sciences program at Bastyr University ◦ Faculty member in the Botanical Medicine Department at the National College of Natural Medicine

What They're Saying

“Thank you so much for your clear and easy to understand class. The older I get the more I appreciate being able to care for myself naturally.”

Linda Bittle

“Thank you for the opportunity of studying with you. It is an awesome and valuable opportunity and has already helped me immensely. I only wish I had discovered your school sooner, but I am glad that I have when I need it most.”


An amazing class. I am very impressed with K.P.’s wealth of knowledge and experience. Very valuable for people like myself who are not professionals but have been trying very hard to self heal. It gave me the hope that I still have a chance!”