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Melissa Yaden, EAMP, LMP, AWC

About Melissa Yaden, EAMP, LMP, AWC.

Melissa Yaden, DAOM, AWP, LMT is the owner of Healing Tree Acupuncture: Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and massage clinic. When designing personalized treatment plans Melissa utilizes her comprehensive understanding of East Asian medicine and how it correlates to Western medicine.

“I was first drawn to Chinese Medicine because it reminded me to live a more fluid and dynamic life, one that harmonizes body, mind, and spirit with nature and with an individual’s unique environment. I am passionate about sharing this wisdom in both intimate and community settings, working with individuals and groups to achieve greater understanding and cohesiveness within all forms of medicine and alternative health care. It is with this expanded perspective on health and life that I am able to inspire and empower my patients to take control of their own health, healing, and well-being.”

After receiving formal training in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine(Herbology) from Bastyr University, and a Doctorate of Acupuncture from OCOM. Melissa has furthered her understanding of East Asian medicine by studying Ayurveda, massage, herbal medicine, and traditional Nepalese sound healing techniques as well as Acutonics®. Melissa’s passion resides in empowering clients to accept and embellish their own innate healing capability for health and spiritual growth.

Melissa Yaden

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